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River Birch

River Birch

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Betula nigra

Commonly known as river birch, is a deciduous tree native to the eastern U.S. Known for its peeling bark and diamond-shaped leaves, it adds beauty to moist landscapes. Adaptable and resilient, it's a favored choice for urban and natural settings alike.

Origin: Native

Current Sale Size: 12 - 18", bare root seedlings

Growth Rate: Medium (13 - 24” / yr.)

Soils: Moist to wet soils

Moisture: Mesic to Wet

Shade Tolerance: Sun to Part Shade

Mature Height: 40 - 70 ft.

Mature Spread: 40 - 60 ft.

Deer Damage Potential: Low

Uses: Winter interest; shade tree; showy flowers; wildlife and rain gardens

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