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Red Pine

Red Pine

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Pinus resinosa

Commonly known as red pine, is a majestic evergreen conifer native to North America. This tall and straight-trunked tree is characterized by its distinctive reddish-brown bark and long, slender needles that grow in pairs. Red pine is renowned for its stately appearance and thrives in well-drained sandy soils. With a moderate growth rate, it forms a dense, pyramidal canopy that provides excellent windbreak and shelter. The tree's resinous wood has been historically valued for various purposes, including timber and pulp. Red pine is a popular choice for reforestation efforts, timber production, and landscaping, where its beauty and resilience make it a striking addition to parks, large estates, and natural areas.

Origin: Native

Current Sale Size: 12 - 18", bare root seedlings

Growth Rate: Slow (12" or less / year)

Soils: Well-drained sandy soils

Moisture: Dry to Mesic

Shade Tolerance: Sun

Mature Height: 50-80 ft.

Mature Spread: 20-25 ft.

Deer Damage Potential: Low

Uses: Straight reddish trunk, two needles per bundle, landscape and windbreak

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